Turkey Hunting

Turkey hunting with Hans Creek Outfitters offers the best Turkey hunts in West Virginia. We create the perfect environment for turkey to thrive in and set you up for success on our privately owned farms. Whether you’re hunting Spring or Fall, our tree and ground stands from the hardwoods to our food plotted fields give you a complete oversight of the hunting grounds creating a prime turkey real estate and providing countless opportunities.  

Weapons to use: High caliber rifle or shotgun. If you’re looking to challenge yourself, test your archery skills.

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Turkey Hunting West Virginia Outfitter

Turkey Hunts Pricing and Packages

Our 3 Day and 6 Day packages includes:
Spring hunts: 2 turkey bag limit
Fall Hunts: 1 turkey bag limit
Lodging and Transportation to hunting blind

3 Day hunt   $1,050

6 Day hunt   $1,800

*Not included 6% sales tax
*Meals are not included
*50% deposit is required

West Virginia Guided Turkey Hunting Trips

Fall and Spring Turkey Hunting with Hans Creek Outfitters

For more information, or to reserve your own turkey hunting trip in Greenville, West Virginia please Contact us

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